Ali K. Yetisen, PhD, FRSC, CEng (PI)

YetisenDr. Yetisen is a Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. He was previously a Tosteson fellow at Harvard University. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from the University of Cambridge. He has been awarded several international prizes including Nicklin Medal, MGH ECOR Award, Humboldt Research Fellowship Award and Carl Friedrich von Siemens Fellowship Award.

e-mail: Ali Yetisen /

Nazma Mojid (Academic Administrator)

NazmaNazma has worked at Imperial College across various roles and other departments which have included Estates Projects, Estates Facilities and Life Sciences. Nazma previously worked in Chemical Engineering for two years covering maternity cover roles.

e-mail: Nazma Mojid /

Yubing Hu (Postdoctoral Research Associate)

YubingDr. Yubing Hu received her bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University (2016) and earned her Ph.D. degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2020). During her PhD, she developed of fluorescent polymeric materials for sensing and imaging applications. Her current project focuses on the development of optical biosensors for wearable device applications.

e-mail: Yubing Hu /

Sam Davies (PhD Student)

SamSam completed his masters at the University of Liverpool (2019), where he worked in partnership with Unilever on the optimisation of the synthesis of a new active compound designed to combat antimicrobial resistance via blocking cell signalling molecules. This work has been based around removal of hazardous/controlled substances from the synthesis and reduction of impurities in the final product.

e-mail: Sam Davies /

Rosalia Moreddu (PhD Candidate)

Rosalia MoredduMs. Moreddu received her B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Cagliari in 2013. She obtained her M.Sc. in Nanotechnology from Polytechnic of Turin, in a joint program with Grenoble Institute of Technology and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. During her master thesis, she focused on the development of microfluidic scintillation detectors at CERN. Her research interests are in contact lens sensors and lab-on-a-chip devices for biosensing and point-of-care diagnostics.

e-mail: Rosalia Moreddu /

Yuqi Shi (PhD Student)

YuqiYuqi Shi was a MSc student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial Collage London (2019-2020). Her research interests are on biochemical engineering and drug discovery and development. Previously, she completed her BSc in Chemistry at University of Liverpool in 2019. During her bachelor’s degree, she worked on the synthesis of isooxazoline compounds .

e-mail: Yuqi Shi /

Yuqian Zhang (PhD Student)

YiquanYuqian Zhang obtained her masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2020. Her master’s thesis focused on the development of wearable devices for movement analysis and neurological rehabilitation. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, where her research focuses on optical sensors for real-time and long-term brain monitoring.

e-mail: Yuqian Zhang /

Yue Wu (PhD Student)

Yue WuMr. Yue Wu is a PhD student in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London. He obtained his bachelor’s degree of clinical medicine in Nanchang University and bachelor’s degree of biomedical science in Queen Mary University of London. His research interest is glaucoma, including early diagnosis of glaucoma and new treatment methods. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Prof. M Francesca Cordeiro's group.

e-mail: Yue Wu /

Haiting Wang (PhD Student)

HaitingHaiting completed her BEng degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Manchester, and her final year design project was designing a chemical plant that can produce lactic acid by using sucrose molasses as raw material. Currently she is a MSc student in the Advanced Chemical Engineering at Imperial college London, and her master thesis is modelling of seeded paracetamol crystallization process and investigating the secondary nucleation mechanism with Dr Jerry Heng.

e-mail: Haiting Wang /

Luxi Yu (PhD Student)

Luxi YuLuxi’s research interests are on tear fluid detection in point of care diagnostic devices including contact lenes and lateral flow devices. She is working on a project co-supervised by Dr. Ali Yetisen and Professor Francesca Cordeiro at Western Eye Hospital. Previously, she finished her MEng course in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. During her MEng degree, she worked on layer-by-layer nanocapsules and drug delivery for her UROP project with Prof. Paul Luckham. She has also worked on gas adsorption of MOF-Polymer nanocomposite with Dr. Qilei Song in the final year research project.

e-mail: Luxi Yu /

Xingchen Dong (PhD Student)


Xingchen Dong received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering from Wuhan University (2014) and Chongqing University (2017), respectively. He is a Ph.D candidate at Institute for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology, Technical University of Munich. His research focuses on hyperspectral imaging microscopy, spectral data processing, spectroscopy, and low-dimensional materials.

e-mail: Xingchen Dong /

Yuxiao Yang (MSc Student)

YuxiaoYuxiao completed her BSc in Biochemistry at Queen Mary University of London. Her undergraduate research focused on probing and imaging mRNA in cyanobacteria using mRNA Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (mRNA-FISH) and confocal microscopy, which outlined the possibility of uncoupled transcription and translation in bacteria from comparison of fluorescence signals.

e-mail: Yuxiao Yang /

Bradley Thomas (MSc Student)

bradBrad earned his BSc in Chemistry from Queen Mary, University of London. His final year project was designing a self-cleaning surface by chemically etching metals to have similar properties to the lotus leaf. He is currently studying his MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London.

e-mail: Bradley Thomas /

Shuhan Wang (MSc Student)

ShushanShe is a MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering student, graduated from University of Nottingham majoring in environmental engineering. She previously had research experience in material synthesis.

e-mail: Shuhan Wang /

Ebrahim Daji (MSc Student)

EbrahimEbrahim completed his BEng in Chemical and Energy Engineering at the University of Leeds in 2019. Following his undergraduate degree, he undertook a work placement in the resource recovery sector at an engineering firm based in Manchester, working in polymer recycling. He is currently studying his MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London.

e-mail: Ebrahim Daji /

Dasan Guo (MSc Student)

dasanDasan completed his bachelor degree in Food Science and Food Engineering of Jinan University in 2020. His research mainly focused on synthesis and character identification of anthocyanins. He is currently studying his MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology at Imperial College London.

e-mail: Dasan Guo/

Kai Lou (MSc Student)

KaiKai is an graduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. His research project focuses on the optical fibers for biosensor in photomedicine.

e-mail: Kai Lou /

Marta Lucía Domínguez Pazos (MSc Student)

MartaMarta Lucía Domínguez Pazos completed her BSc in Pharmacy at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2019. Her final year project was about using nanoparticles carried in pollen for oral insulin release. She is currently studying her MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Her master's thesis focuses on dermal tattoo biosensors for monitoring blood sugar levels at Imperial College London.

e-mail: Marta Lucía Domínguez Pazos /

Leena Khelifa (MBBS/BSc Student)

LeenaLeena is undergoing her intercalated bachelor’s degree in Endocrinology at Imperial college, following completion of the first 3 years of Medical School. She is working towards undertaking an intercalated PhD commencing summer 2021. Leena is working under the supervision of Dr Ali Yetisen and Dr Louis Chesler in the South Kensington campus and Royal Marsden Hospital. Her thesis will focus on later flow assays as a point-of-care diagnostic device for early neuroblastoma detection.

e-mail: Leena Khelifa /

Yihan Zhang (MEng Student)

YihanYihan Zhang is currently a fourth-year undergraduate in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. His research interest is the corporation of machine learning and wearable biosensors. During his MEng study, he worked on applying genome-scale metabolic model for IgG production.

e-mail: Yihan Zhang /

Shavaiz Mir (MEng Student)

ShavaizShavaiz is a third-year undergraduate in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. His research interest is in the area biochemical sensors. His research project will involve the development of holographic sensors which could be used in point of care diagnostic devices.

e-mail: Shavaiz Mir /

Zichen Fan (MEng Student)

ZichenZichen is a third-year undergraduate in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. Her research interest is in biochemical sensors and bio-device areas. Her research project will involve the development of holographic sensors which allow real-time monitoring for clinical uses.

e-mail: Zichen Fan /

Meghna Vaja (MEng Student)

MeghnaMeghna is a second-year undergraduate in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. Her research interest is in the area of biochemical sensors in particular the development of holographic sensors.

e-mail: Meghna Vaja /

Yunuen Montelongo (Visiting Research Fellow)

Yunuen MontelongoDr. Montelongo completed his PhD studies in photonics at the University of Cambridge and received the prestigious scholarships from Cambridge Trust and Fitzwilliam College. In 2014 he finished, his PhD studies and began a post-doctoral position at Imperial Collage London where he continued studying photonic materials.

e-mail: Yunuen Montelongo /

Jeff Blyth (Research Associate)

JeffJeff Blyth has worked as a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge over two decades. He has an Applied Chemistry degree. He has pioneered new methods of making and processing holograms and simultaneously did an M.Phil. degree on developing photopolymers to record holograms with laser light. In 1992, with a grant from the Leverhulme Trust he joined the University of Cambridge to develop holographic biosensors.

e-mail: Jeff Blyth /

Nan Jiang (Research Associate)

Nan JiangDr. Nan Jiang earned her M.S. and Ph.D. degree from Wuhan University of Technology. After her PhD study, she worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. Her research is aimed at nanostructured biomaterials, biosensors, microfluidic chips and cell surface engineering.

e-mail: Nan Jiang



Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Nan Jiang (Principal Investigator, Sichuan University)

Dr. Guoliang Ying (Principal Investigator, Sichuan University)

PhD Students

Dr. Aditi Gupta (Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University)

Dr. Rajib Ahmed (Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University)

Dr. Jingjing Guo (Associate Professor, Beihang University)

Dr. Nicholas Farandos (Chief Technology Officer, Utility Global)

Dr. Bader A. AlQattan (Postdoctoral Fellow, Khalifa University)

Dr. Mohamed Elsherif (Postdoctoral Fellow, Khalifa University)

MSc/MRes Students

Karthikeya Deshmukh (PhD Student, University of Cambridge)

Debjani Saha (PhD Student, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College)

Wolfgang Kurz (PhD Student, Technical University of Munich)

Sarah Saadouni (Materials Scientist, Biophilica)

Julia Mueck (Manufacturing Technology Centre - MTC)

Sofia Kazantzi (Flow Chemist, AM Technology)

Dean Tan (Analyst, the Bank of Thailand)

Tanya Moller (DevOps Consulting Engineer, Automation Logic)

Ziyi Yu (Sinopec)

Xinge Shao (BASF)

Chloe Sous (Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College)

Undergraduate Students

Yimeng Jiao (PhD student, University of the Arts London)

Sergey Flyax (MSc Student, Technical University of Munich)

Sarah Seifi (MSc student, Technical University of Munich)

Carmen Castañeda Gonzalez (MSc student, Technical University of Munich)

Simon Stößer (MSc student, Technical University of Munich)

Bugra Soylemezoglu (System Programmer, Kampf Telescope Optics GmbH)

Izlen Erenoglu (Department of Physics, Technical University of Munich)

Samira Balbach (MSc Student, Technical University of Munich)

Congyan Wang (Technical University of Munich)

Nico Linhart (Technical University of Munich)

Su A Yang (Scientific Researcher, Tomocube)

Sofia Medina Pando (Clinical Account Specialist, Johnson & Johnson)

Joshua Scherrer (Team Leader, AmeriCorps)

Monika Kaminska (Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College)

Menghan Liu (Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College)

Andreas Richardson (Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College)

Rebecca Clancy (Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College)

Yunzheng Liu (Department of Physics, Imperial College)