Who at Imperial can apply for the scheme?

Imperial Staff who drive a car to work are eligible to apply for the pilot scheme. Staff interested in joining the scheme should complete the Mobility Hub survey by 15 June 2021.

What if I don’t drive in but take public transport?

The team is looking into having this group of people join after we have recruited the car commuters. The team will keep you updated on the process.

Please do fill out the initial survey and if you are still interested in helping please feel free to become part of the programme that fills in weekly surveys.

What if I already bike in?

Sadly, you are not eligible for the program. However, please do fill out the initial survey and if you are still interested in helping please feel free to become part of the group that fills in weekly surveys. Thank you for biking in!

Are grad/postgrad students eligible?


Questions about the bikes/car usage

How do I get the bikes?

Bikes will be available from the Ethos gym in South Kensington. You will either be given sole use of a bike for two months or have access to a pool of shared bikes made available for occasional use

What kind of gear should I have or will I need?

Here is a list of recommended gear:

  • Helmet  
  • Bike lights  
  • Mudguards  
  • Pumps tyres and repair kit  
  • High Visibility clothing  
  • Waterproof clothing  
  • Lycra  
  • Wet bag  
  • U-Locks  
  • Cycling phone mount  
  • Gloves  
  • Hat 

How can I use the cars?

The cars are for use of the people taking part in the pilot scheme. There will be information provided when you join the pilot informing you where to go online to book a time slot for the cars.

What if I don’t know how to ride a bike or haven’t don’t it in a while?

If you are looking to improve your confidence when cycling why not sign up for a cycling proficiency course? There are a number of free cycle skills courses available from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and you can also find details of cycling coaches on the British Cycling website.

Is there a place to lock up the bikes?

Yes, details are available on Imperial’s bike storage and security webpage.

Will the cars be cleaned?

Yes! We are very conscious of COVID-19 and are implementing a plan to make sure the cars are cleaned before and after each use

What route can I take to/from campus?

Take a look at the Imperial Active travel map produced by Move Imperial. 

Are there shower facilities for us to use on campus?

Yes, there are. Currently they are shut due to COVID-19 but will open when restrictions are lifted and will be available for use. There are also facilities in other buildings across campus.

 For more information on facilities please contact your Building Manager for further details on shower and changing facilities at your campus. Halls of Residence showers are only available to authorised residents.

What happens if I want to withdraw early from the scheme?

Please contact James Perry 

What happens afterwards?

What happens once the pilot is over?

If you are able to carry on biking to campus, Imperial has a Cycle to work program that you can apply for.

Further questions

Who can I contact with further questions?

Please contact James Perry with any further questions about the Mobility Hub pilot scheme.