Researchers at Imperial are tackling pollution in many different forms. From reducing plastic pollution to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality, from understanding human behaviour to sustainable business, there is a wealth of research happening across College.

Focus themes

The Transition to Zero Pollution initiative has five focus themes, each representing a grand challenge where discovery, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration is required: Emerging environmental hazards and health; Resilient, regenerative and restorative systems; Sustainable resources and zero waste; Urban ecosystems: people and planet; and Zero pollution mobility.

For each focus theme a small group of theme champions from across the College will lead the development of the programmes.

Three cross-cutting themes run through each of the focus themes: education; flexible design; and societal, economic, policy, and innovation challenges. And three cross-cutting principles guide the work in each theme: a just transition; maximising planetary and human health; and systems thinking to avoid unintended consequences.

Find out more through the links to the theme pages below.

Transition to Zero Pollution focus themes

Transition to Zero Pollution focus themes