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AB - Two dimensional (2D) materials are a rapidly growing area of interest for wearable electronics, due to their flexible and unique electrical properties. All-textile based wearable electronic components are key to enable future wearable electronics. Single component electrical elemements have been demonstrated however heterostructure-based assemblies, combining eletrically condutive and dieletric textiles such as all-textile capacitors are currently missing. Here we demonstrate a superhydrophobic conducting fabric with a sheet resistance ~2.16 kΩ -1, and a pinhole-free dielectric fabric with a relative permittivity εr ~ 2.35 enabled by graphene and hexagonal boron nitride inks, respectively. The different fabrics are then integrated to engineer the first example of an all-textile-based capacitive heterostructure with an effective capacitance ~ 26 pF cm-2 and flexibility down to at least 1 cm bending radius. The capacitor sustains 20 cylces of repeated washing and more than 100 cycles of repeated bending. Finally, an AC low-pass filter with cutoff frequency ~ 15 kHz is integrated by combining the conductive polyester and the capacitor.These results pave the way toward all-textile vertically integrated electronic devices.
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