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AB - The ability to engineer quantum-cascade-lasers (QCLs) with ultrabroad gain spectra, and with a full compensation of the group velocity dispersion, at terahertz (THz) frequencies, is key for devising monolithic and miniaturized optical frequency-comb-synthesizers (FCSs) in the far-infrared. In THz QCLs four-wave mixing, driven by intrinsic third-order susceptibility of the intersubband gain medium, self-locks the optical modes in phase, allowing stable comb operation, albeit over a restricted dynamic range (∼20% of the laser operational range). Here, we engineer miniaturized THz FCSs, comprising a heterogeneous THz QCL, integrated with a tightly coupled, on-chip, solution-processed, graphene saturable-absorber reflector that preserves phase-coherence between lasing modes, even when four-wave mixing no longer provides dispersion compensation. This enables a high-power (8 mW) FCS with over 90 optical modes, through 55% of the laser operational range. We also achieve stable injection-locking, paving the way to a number of key applications, including high-precision tunable broadband-spectroscopy and quantum-metrology.
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