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AB - The possibility of suddenly ionized molecules undergoing extremely fast electron hole (or, hole)dynamics prior to significant structural change was first recognized more than 20 years ago andtermed charge migration. The accurate probing of ultrafast electron hole dynamics requires measurements that have both sufficient temporal resolution and can detect the localization of a specifichole within the molecule. We report an investigation of the dynamics of inner valence hole states inisopropanol where we use an x-ray pump/x-ray probe experiment, with site and state-specific probing of a transient hole state localized near the oxygen atom in the molecule, together with an abinitio theoretical treatment. We record the signature of transient hole dynamics and make the firsttentative observation of dynamics driven by frustrated Auger-Meitner transitions. We verify thatthe effective hole lifetime is consistent with our theoretical prediction. This state-specific measurement paves the way to widespread application for observations of transient hole dynamics localizedin space and time in molecules and thus to charge transfer phenomena that are fundamental inchemical and material physics.
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