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AB - Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a remarkable two-dimensional (2D) material that hosts solid-state spins and has great potential to be used in quantum information applications, including quantum networks. However, in this application, both the optical and spin properties are crucial for single spins but have not yet been discovered simultaneously for hBN spins. Here, we realize an efficient method for arraying and isolating the single defects of hBN and use this method to discover a new spin defect with a high probability of 85%. This single defect exhibits outstanding optical properties and an optically controllable spin, as indicated by the observed significant Rabi oscillation and Hahn echo experiments at room temperature. First principles calculations indicate that complexes of carbon and oxygen dopants may be the origin of the single spin defects. This provides a possibility for further addressing spins that can be optically controlled.
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