Research Strategy

The Imperial Network of Excellence for Rehabilitation Technologies is managed by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) and is affiliated with the Imperial College Robotics Network, the Imperial Centre of Excellence in Neurotechnology , the Imperial Centre of Excellence in Musculoskeletal Medical Engineering, and the UK Dementia Research Institute.

The Network brings together biomedical scientists/clinicians and physical scientists/engineers to forge new approaches to Rehabilitation Technologies and to act as a central Hub  for innovation excellence.   The network aims to foster cross-disciplinary research projects and work with funding bodies to promote this exciting new field with the goal of establishing a cross-faculty research centre for expanded research activity. The Network strives to use and develop core engineering technologies in an unrivalled multi disciplinary research environment where adavnces in Neuromuscular Rehabiliation Technologies are driven by the clinical and patient need.

The network is led by Prof Dario Farina (Dept. of Bioengineering) and Dr Paul Bentley (Dept. of Medicine) and supported by the strategy committee (Prof Etienne Burdet, Sarah Daniels, Prof Alison McGregor, Dr Meenaskhi Nayar, Dr Juan Gallego, Dr Aldo Faisal and Dr Kalypso Charalambous). The network  includes over 35 multi disciplinary academic research groups. Thematic areas of strength are listed below with respective cross faculty theme leaders. 

Prof Farina (left), Dr Bentley (right)

Thematic Areas (underpinned by Clinical Translation)