The CNRS-Imperial "Abraham de Moivre" International Lab in Mathematics Short-Term Exchange Grants (STEG) open new opportunities for Imperial academics to make short-term stays in French labs or host short-term visitors from a French lab. The scientific span of these grants, like that of the "Abraham de Moivre" Lab, concerns all domains of mathematics and of their interactions with other fields, such as physics, computer science, biology, economics, social sciences.

Value: The STEG grants have a maximum value of £1,500 per project.

Management: To ensure a quick feedback to applicants, the STEG grant scheme is directly managed by the Chair and Deputy Chair of the "Abraham de Moivre" Lab, who will solicit experts opinions if needed.

Application process: The scheme is managed on a running basis, so there are no specific deadlines, but support for activities should be sought at least 3 weeks in advance of expenditure. Please use the dedicated ‌STEG Application Form‌ and submit it by e-mail to u‌ 

Content of the application form

Budget: Please provide clearly motivated and sufficiently specified budgets, detailing (estimated) costs for travel, accommodation, subsistence etc. Economic budgeting is encouraged.


(a) Visitors from France - STEG grants are to support visitors holding an academic (e.g. university, CNRS,  INRIA or affiliated) position in France. The status and institution of the visitor should be clearly indicated.

(b) Visits to France - STEG grants are to support visits to a member or a group belonging to a French academic institution (e.g. university, CNRS,  INRIA or affiliated). The status and institution of the person or the group visited should be clearly indicated.

Project description: Applicants should convey what is the main purpose and added value of the project.

Eligible expenses: STEG funding cannot cover salaries. Eligible expenses are confined to travel, accommodation and subsistence.