I spent several extended periods between 2022 and 2023 at Imperial College London upon the invitationof Dan Crisan and Darryl Holm. My primary focus during this time was on stochastic modeling for fluid dynamics. We are actively collaborating within the ERC project "Stochastic Transport in Upper Ocean Dynamics", which we are heading together with Bertrand Chapron (Ifremer).

During my time at Imperial College, I had the opportunity to engage in numerous discussions with Dan and Darryl's groups. Several collaborations were initiated, and these visits allowed me to interact with world-class researchers and outstanding students through lectures and conferences. I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiastic atmosphere at Imperial College, with its diverse array of laboratories in close proximity.

With Dan, I worked on the development of efficient ensemble techniques for data assimilation that incorporate stochastic dynamics with noise terms defined from data. This collaboration was conducted within the framework of Benjamin Dufée's PhD. In addition, alongside Dan, Darryl, Oana Lang and Alex Lobbe, we began a research work on evaluating and analyzing various stochastic representations of turbulence shell models. Beyond these two publications, these visits provided me with the opportunity to exchange ideas with Dan and Darryl regarding our ongoing work within our ERC project.

I also initiated a project on the study of wave solutions in stochastic shallow water models, which led to intriguing results regarding the ability of a linear stochastic shallow water model to reproduce nonlinear interactions through the noise term. This work will be continued to delve deeper into the study of wave-current interactions with simplified stochastic models.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the department and the CNRS-ICL international research laboratory for their hospitality and support. I particularly want to acknowledge the administrative staff for their invaluable assistance during my stays. Additionally, I feel fortunate to have had the chance to explore various parts of London during my sojourns, allowing me to discover different neighborhoods of the city.

Host: Professor Dan Crisan and Professor Darryl Holm

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