Magali RibotMy stay at Imperial College was a great opportunity to discover research areas I was not familiar with, and to find out new points of view on topics that I have already explored, through discussions with researchers present at Imperial. For example, I was able to discuss with Jose Antonio Carrillo some new ideas for numerical schemes to compute efficiently solutions of equations describing complex systems mixing attractive and repulsive behaviors. I also spoke with Pierre Degond about generalisations of some models for car traffic, that are able to get rid of stability issues that appear when solving numerically the classical equations for traffic.

It was also interesting to see another organisation of university teaching and working in relation to France. I was very impressed by the energy of the Maths Department, with a lot of seminars, various events and a huge number of visitors.

Imperial College is a wonderful place for a long-time stay, with many scientific opportunities, workshops and guests from all around the world!

Host: Professor Jose Carrillo

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