Yulia KuznetsovaI visited ICL in September-December 2018. I work in operator algebras, and more precisely in quantum groups and noncommutative harmonic analysis. My project with Prof. Michael Ruzhansky was aimed at norm estimates of Fourier multipliers. This is in general a currently active domain in noncommutative harmonic analysis, connecting operator algebras and harmonic analysis.

We were considering especially questions related to psedodifferential operators on Lie groups. The case of non-unimodular groups, such as for example the affine group ‘ax+b’, is much less studied, because of various complications appearing together with the nontrivial modular function. We worked on multiplier estimates of several semigroups linked to the Laplace operator, beyond the heat semigroup and a couple of others which are already known.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to visit seminars across London universities and several colleagues in the UK with whom I have long-established contacts.

The three-month visit was long enough to start the project with Prof. Ruzhansky but not to complete it. Our connection remains active as to now. I also much appreciated the experience of living several months in the centre of London.

Host: Professor Michael Ruzhansky

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