Publications - 2023

Breden M; Chu H, 2023. Constructive proofs for some semilinear PDEs on H2(e|x|^2/4,ℝd). arXiv preprint arXiv: 2404.04054. 

Touboul M; et. al. 2023. High-order homogenization of the time-modulated wave equation: non-reciprocity for a single varying parameter*. Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

*A press release for this paper can be found on the CNRS website in French.

Publications - 2021

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Publications - 2020

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Publications - 2019

Brûlé S ; Enoch S ; Guenneau S, 2019. Role of nanophotonics in the birth of seismic megastructures. Nanophotonics.  

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Publications - 2018

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Publications - 2017

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Publications - 2016

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