Imperial is developing an Academic Strategy which will articulate how we will fulfil the goals laid out in the College Strategy 2015-2020. The strategy development process is being led by Professor Ian Walmsley, Imperial's Provost. 

The strategy will be based on themes that are emerging as common areas of interest for the Faculties, which in turn derive from the Departmental initiatives.

The strategy will outline the priorities that departments, faculties and the College are setting. These priorities build on particular strengths in research, education and engagement in which Imperial can support, or initiate, world-leading capability within the next five years.

The strategy will guide our internal investment priorities at the College level as we consider the need for new space on our campuses, including new buildings or major refurbishments, and as we plan new academic posts or new facilities.

The strategy will also be used externally to raise the profile of Imperial, opening new possibilities for research collaborations, opportunities for industrial, commercial and government partnerships, attracting new potential students and learners, and engaging philanthropy to help us deliver our vision.

What has happened so far?

The Faculty Deans have each presented their own strategies at Provost’s Board, and the Board has spent time at each meeting discussing shared ambitions and vision, laying the ground work for the Academic Strategy.

The Provost, Professor Ian Walmsley, has discussed the approach on departmental visits and with Faculty Boards.

Discussions were held in departments and faculties, and staff were encouraged to feed back thoughts to Heads of Department. The Provost met collectively with the Heads of Department in June to learn directly from them how their discussions have progressed.

A draft strategy was presented to staff and student at a number of consultation sessions and online during July. Feedback from the staff and student consultation has been collated and reviewed by Provost’s Board.

What are the next steps?

The strategy is now being refined and edited into a formal document that will be shared with the College community in the next few months.