A PhD student in a lab

There are numerous strengths in the College’s portfolio that engage with more than one of the themes and overlap with many sub-themes.

  • Discovery and Application – generating new understanding about the world, providing discoveries that underpin advances in technology and drive societal impact
  • Responsible and Inclusive Innovation – providing value for society in an ethical, inclusive and responsible way based on the integrity of our research and innovation
  • Smart Systems – including building responsive and adaptive networks based on data-driven optimisation to better enable technologies, processes and infrastructure
  • AI and Machine Learning – applying this research to prevent and diagnose diseases, accelerate new treatments, develop new innovations, and shape the future of companies
  • Food Security and Nutrition – studying and mitigating the impact of over- and under-nutrition from the cellular level to the societal, drawing on strengths in biosecurity and trade, sustainable marine resources and sustainable agriculture
  • Health and Wellbeing in a Changing Environment – addressing the impacts of pollution, clean air, water and sanitation, bioengineering and materials, antimicrobial resistance, and malaria control  
  • Future Cities – understanding the effects of urbanisation and migration on health and disease, assessing and developing resilient and efficient infrastructures, urban design towards zero pollution, waste and fire management, and many other applications