There are many sources of support out there when your resilience is low. This is not an exhaustive list, but here we have curated a selection of starting points for you to seek help, advice, or a listening ear. They include apps and twitter feeds for self-management as well as networks and counselling services for personal support.


Internal resources and guidance

External resources and guidance

Although the wellbeing support at the Colleges is broad and varied and you will find help locally, you may also wish to find support within the academic and research community.  There is a huge community out there to help.  Here is just a small starting selection of sites and social media feeds: 

  • Mental health in academia – a great initiative started by Dr Zoe Ayres, a research scientist and mental health advocate.  Her website includes resources, posters, a blog and links to her book and #100voices project which shares the mental health journeys for researchers. 
  • ‘Voices of Academia’ blog/podcast giving you a voice to improve #AcademicMentalHealth
  • Wellbeing whisperer’ a twitter feed reminding us our self-care and wellbeing are worthy of our attention in higher education.  

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