Getting a handle on your stress and procrastination can make all the difference to your academic life and success. Find out more about the programmes designed to help you manage stress and limit your procrastination.

A video explaining how the Mindshift app can help you with your mental health using cognitive behavioural therapy practices such as mindfulness meditation, relaxation, mood and anxiety tracking.


MindShift is an app designed to offer practical support in relation to feelings of anxiety. Rather than suggesting that you avoid situations that create anxiety, the app guides you towards opportunities to face them in a constructive way.

  • Variety of anxiety management strategies
  • Customisable
  • Compatible with iOS Text To Speech

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A video explaining how the Habitica turns tasks into a fun game


Habitica is designed to work like a video game that helps the user to develop good habits and boost productivity - the tag line is "Motivate yourself to do anything". Tasks become little monsters that you have to overcome, allowing you to progress in the game. 

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A video explaining how the Android App Stay Focused can help you focus on your work better.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused is a self-control android app that enables you to block distracting applications temporarily on your device so that you can stay focused. The blocker app can be set to activate for a precise time and date, and once the pre-set time duration is over, the blocked apps can be used again. 

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Techy Tea Break - Accessibility/Wellbeing - Catch It app

Catch It

Catch It is an NHS-approved app that helps when dealing with feelings such as anxiety or depression. It uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to turn negative thoughts into positive ones by recording and rating your mood, reflecting and thinking about better ways to deal with problems. 

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Workrave Instructional Video


Workrave makes sure you are taking regular breaks when studying by sending notifications when you’re due a break away from your desk. It allows you to set up custom time periods for your study time and breaks, view statistics on your computer usage and gives you exercises you can do whilst on a rest break. 

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Welcome to MyNoise


The idea behind myNoise is to use noises that you enjoy most to mask the noises that you don’t want to hear—like chatty colleagues at your office, for example, or your tinnitus. The concept is simple, works extremely well, and doesn’t require expensive, active noise cancelling headphones either. All you need are regular headphones. myNoise soundtracks can be used to focus at work, relax at home, or even sleep at night.

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Focusmate - Your Online Studybuddy (Feat. Founder & CEO Taylor Jacobson)


Focusmate connects you with other people around the globe to work together. You choose a time to work, and Focusmate will pair you up with a partner for a virtual coworking session, helping you to keep on task. This minimises procrastination and promotes accountability through shared productivity.

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Forest is a Procrastination tool that helps you stay away from your phone and distracting websites by blocking you from accessing them. It uses a Pomodoro technique of breaking work down into 25 minutes of study and then 5 minutes of rest. During this time, a tree will begin to grow, but if you leave the app, the tree will die. The idea is to grow a whole virtual Forest and in real life, Forest have planted over 1 million trees.

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