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The Drug Student Research Network brings together all students across Imperial college working in fields relevant to drugs and medicine at Imperial College London. This network offers a platform for networking, collaboration, and community-building, as well as cross-disciplinary learning, enriching perspectives, and promoting personal and professional development. Students can participate in a diverse range of activities and initiatives through this network, which aim to improve their knowledge and skills in the relevant areas of study.

The nature of drug research is complex and interdisciplinary, with students often spread across various departments and faculties at Imperial College London. The Drug Student Research Network recognizes the importance of multi-disciplinary learning and approaches to address the challenges of drug-related research. By bringing together students from different areas of expertise, the network aims to create a vibrant community that fosters an enriched and authentic research experience. Members of the network can exchange ideas, research findings, and knowledge beyond their specialization area, promoting cross-fertilization of learning.

The network welcomes all Imperial College London students to participate in its various activities, events, and opportunities throughout the academic year. The main event of the network is the annual student conference, and there are also seminars, skills tutorials, hackathons, and career support specific to drugs and medicine-related fields, as well as social events. This network serves as a platform for students to connect with academics within and outside of the college, as well as external partners, allowing for expanded networking opportunities.

Led by students at Imperial College, the Drug Student Research Network has a student network manager representative for each faculty. This allows the network to be more inclusive, with students from different faculties having their unique needs and challenges addressed. The network is committed to providing students with a supportive environment that enhances their academic and personal growth.

Academic support to the network

Dr Fouzia Haneef Khan

Director of Drug Student Research Network                                

Professor Uta Griesenbach

Faculty of Medicine, National Heart & Lung Medicine

Professor Ed Tate

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry



Dr Benjamin Schumann

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry


Dr Michela Noseda

Faculty of Medicine, National Heart & Lung Medicine

Professor Tristan Rodriguez

Faculty of Medicine, National Heart & Lung Medicine

Dr Helder Crespo

Faculty of Natural Sciences,  Department of Physics


Professor James Barlow 

Business School




Our events and activities


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