List of facilities


 Faculty of Medicine

  • Biological Imaging Centre (BIC)
  • Centre for Immunology and Vaccinology CL3 Cell
  • Sorting FacilityCISBIO Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
  • Clinical Imaging Facility (CIF)
  • Clinical Phenotyping Centre
  • Electron Microscopy Centre
  • Facility for Imaging by Light Microscopy (FILM)
  • Agilent Measurement Suite
  • Genomics Laboratory
  • Glycosciences Laboratory
  • Human Anatomy Unit
  • Imperial BRC Genomics Facility
  • Imperial International Phenome Training Centre
  • In Vivo Imaging (IVI) Facility
  • LMS NIHR Flow Cytometry Facility at Imperial
  • London In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Co-operative
  • Mansfield Centre for Innovation - MR Facility
  • Margaret Turner Warwick Education Centre
  • Molecular Diagnostics Unit (MDU)
  • MRC-NIHR National Phenome Centre
  • Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Tissue Bank
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Centre
  • Real Time PCR
  • St. Mary's Flow Cytometry Core Facility
  • Toxicology Unit
  • Transgenics

Faculty of Engineering/ Department of Bioengineering

  • 3D Printing (Object 30 Pro, Ultimaker 2, 3D Bioplotter)
  • Laboratories (tissue culture, histology, genomics, microbiology)
  • Microscopy/Imaging (TissueCyte 1000, LeicaSP5, Zeiss PALM laser capture, Brunel SP105Fwith pE300 LED fluorescence microscope)

Faculty of Natural Sciences/ Department of Life Sciences

  • Cross-Faculty NMR Centre
  • Electron Microscopy Centre
  • Facility for Imaging by Light Microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry Facility
  • In Vivo Imaging (IVI) Facility
  • Mass Spectrometry Facility
  • Mass Spectrometry (SAF B)
  • Real Time PCR
  • X-ray Crystallography

Research and Innovation/Translation and Innovation Hub/ThinkSpace

  • Research clusters in biomedical engineering, synthetic biology, robotics, data sciences, autonomous systems, design engineering and plastic electronics
  • Analysis and testing through access to precise equipment and prototyping facilities, leading to patents and policy development
  • Advisory and incubator support within a community of likeminded entrepreneurs
  • Expert insight and expert witness including Scientific Advisory Board participation, speakers, literature reviews and public enquiries
  • Training courses, specialist equipment and bespoke requirements

  • Imperial Consultants
  • Imperial White City Incubator
  • Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation
  • The Sir Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Hub
  • The Invention Rooms
  • Molecular Sciences Research Hub
  • Imperial College Advanced Hackspace
  • Wood Lane Studios

Research and Innovation/ Support for staff

Statistical Advisory Service https://www.imperial.ac.uk/research-and-innovation/support-for-staff/stats-advice-service/consult/
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