The Load Control and Aeroelastics Lab

Imperial's Load Control and Aeroelastics laboratory was established in 2008. Our focus is in computational methods for the multidisciplinary analysis, design, optimization, and feedback control of next-generation aeroelastic air vehicles (big and small) and wind turbines. We put a particular emphasis in solutions that continuosly modify the aerodynamic characteristics of wings and blades using real-team feedback systems and in building the computational methods necessary to both undertand the problems and implement them in real application.   In advanced aircraft applications, efficient load control strategies require a multidisciplinary view of the vehicle, that integrates aero-, structural, and rigid-body dynamics, and the flight control systems, and have active research projects in many of those disciplines with a number of international collaborators.

As a dynamic group working on some very exciting problems for the future of aeronautics, we are always keen to have the engineers of the future joining us. You can check our list of current opportunities for research positions. Please contact us or check our list of publications for more information about the work we do. Feel free also to test our aeroelastic simulation software, and let us have your feedback.

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