Aeroelastic design for next-generation civil transport aircraft

At LoCA Lab we have been developing SHARPy into a multifunctional toolbox for aeroelastic analysis and design. My current research leverages the capabilities of particularly the multibody solver to explore the optimal design of flexibility-dominated wing assemblies with span and/or tip mechanisms.

In collaboration with Airbus UK, the work will feed into the understanding and validation of design strategies for extra-performant wings in different flight envelopes, as part of the wider global effort to decarbonise aviation.

With code-to-experiment and code-to-code comparisons I aim to build on the capabilities of SHARPy to become an accessible, comprehensive suite for future academic/industrial nonlinear aircraft design.



2021 -                PhD Aeronautical Engineering. Imperial College London

2017-2021        MEng (1st Class) Aeronautical Engineering. Imperial College London