Open Source

Our research relies on building new computational methods to address new engineering problems. That means we write our own codes and go through rigorous exercises of software design, development and testing. We advocate the use of version control and collaborative development and keep our codes on git servers. We participate in multiple international projects, including SU2Nektar++, and Incompact3D, on high-fidelity fluid-structure interaction and multidisciplinary optimization. Our purpose is to share our codes with the wider community once they are sufficiently mature for others to benefit from it, and also for traceability of our published results.

LoCA Software
CodeDescriptionContributors Past contributors
SHARPy Simulation of High-Aspect Ratio Planes (and HAWT) Duessler, Goizueta, Muñoz  del Carre, Hesse, Maraniello Murua, Simpson
Nektar++ High-order spectral/finite-element CFD for flow around complex geometries Lahooti  Bao
SU2 Aerodynamic optimization and FSI Gomes, Simiriotis, Venkatesan-Crome  Sanchez
Incompact3D/WInc3D High-order finite-difference incompressible CFD for wind farm simulation  Muñoz
LoCA Software

Open Data

Most of our research is sponsored by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and as such we have the commitment to make freely and openly available our research outputs. All our software is directly available for download via github and distributed under very permissive open source licenses. Most recent papers we have published include a reference to the version of those tools for reproducibility, and we often release as well the input data decks with model data (e.g., the aeroelastic model of the X-HALE). Elsewhere, and while we monitor the development of the college policy on data management, the only effective way to distribute any other data files is via direct request, so please contact us at and we will do our best to reply promptly.