AI for Net Zero is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into three projects focused on wind, road transport and aviation to accelerate decarbonization by increasing their efficiency through optimisation and employing digital twin modelling. 

Evidence Communication for Policy Making


Groundbreaking work shows that transparent communications about research conclusions improve the general public’s trust in science. This is especially important in energy and transport where sector decisions directly affect the public. 

This work package is designing a range of accessible tools for policymakers. This will enable them to better understand AI project’s research and conclusions.  We will also provide insights on how scientific evidence can be incorporated into future policy. 


Research and develop information tools that decision-makers require to make effective decisions: We are conducting a systematic review in the evidence communication for policy making around energy and transportation. 

Direct engagement with regulators, policymakers and officials: Using the extensive networks of the research team, we will design policy forums and workshops that bring together academics and policy makers, ensuring that our research continues to remain relevant to policy makers. 

Project team


Professor Sir John Aston  

Principle Investigator 

John Aston is the Harding Professor of Statistics in Public Life Statistical Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. A statistician by background, John works on how quantitative evidence can be best used in policy decision making. 

Dr Evangelos Danopoulos 

Research Associate 

Evangelos Danopoulos is a Research Associate at the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Cambridge. His work is on evidence-based research and communication for policymaking.