Mission of the Red Lotus Project

The Red Lotus Project is an informal interdisciplinary consortium of academic, industry and governmental stakeholders involving in surface engineering and its implications for heat transfer, sustainability and energy harvesting applications, among others.

"Red" denotes "heat" and "lotus" refers to the lotus leaf effect which is a metaphor for tuning the surface properties of a material to attain certain desirable physico-chemical or performance objectives.

The project participants organise regular video-conference events, lectures, minisymposia at international conferences, workshops, summer schools and lecture series, and collaborative "sand-pit" events to foster interaction in this highly interdisciplinary area.

The Red Lotus Project Inaugural Workshop was held at Chicheley Hall in 2016, and was sponsored by the Royal Society.

Latest news


8th April: Professor Hodes and Professor Yuri Muzychka of the Memorial University of Newfoundland delivered a 2-hour perspective entitled Fundamentals and Applications of Spreading Resistances sponsored by the ASME Heat Transfer Division. Connections between spreading resistance and flow and heat transfer along superhydrophobic surfaces were discussed at some length.

21st March: Further congratulations to Anna Curran, whose entry won the Faculty of Natural Science's PhD Student Photo Competition's Best Picture in the Judge's Choice Awards! 

14th March: Congratulations to Anna Curran, whose superhydrophobic entry (left) to the Faculty of Natural Science's PhD Student Photo Competition has been shortlisted! 

1st March: Hiroyuki Miyoshi, Anna Katsiavria, and Henry Rodriguez Broadbent will be presenting their research at the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium next month in Bristol.

13th January: Welcome to Sebastian Zimmerman, who will be joining us as a visiting student for three months from RPTU Kaiserslautern.