Current members

Academic staff
PhD students
  • Hiroyuki Miyoshi (cofunded by Nakajima Foundation)
  • Henry Rodriguez-Broadbent
Visitors (recurring)
  • Professor Saleh Tanveer (OSU, USA)
  • Professor Giovani Vasconcelos (Federal University of Parana)
  • Bruno Carneiro da Cunha (UFPE, Brazil)
  • Marc Hodes (Tufts)


  • Dr Jonathan Marshall (academic staff)
  • Dr Peter Buchak (postdoc)
  • Dr Everett Kropf (postdoc)
  • Dr Rhodri Nelson (postdoc)
  • Dr Christopher Green (postdoc & PhD)
  • Samuel Brzezicki (PhD)
  • Jordan Hauge (PhD)
  • Tiago Anselmo da Silva (joint PhD student with UFPE, Recife)
  • Vikas Krishnamurthy (PhD)
  • Elena Luca (PhD)
  • Peter Baddoo (postdoc)
Research Interests

Research Interests

Principal areas of research include:

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Fax: +44(0) 207 594 8517

ACCA-UK [Professor D. Crowdy]
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