About us

The Antimicrobial Research Collaborative (ARC@Imperial) consolidates world leading, multidisciplinary research across Imperial College London to synergistically address the urgent global threat of antimicrobial resistance from a 'one health' perspective. Integrating research strengths at Imperial College London and within Imperial College Academic Health Sciences Centre, across healthcare partners, industrial collaborations, policy makers and public health organisations, the collaborative will:

  • advance basic research in antimicrobial resistance
  • translate research into novel prevention strategies and healthcare interventions
  • inform public health policy

"Our approach is all about creatively linking up the breadth of expertise and different research approaches at Imperial to collaboratively focus on the increasing global threat of AMR and ensure access to effective treatment. This is not just about developing new antibiotics and identifying novel targets, but also about looking at the ways society can use antibiotics better, prevent infection and minimise transmission and emergence of resistance. This collaborative brings together some incredible researchers and what's particularly exciting is the range of talent that can look at the issue from so many important perspectives; from chemistry and down amongst the genes, to amazing innovations in engineering and in immunology, through to epidemiology, behavioural change, policy and implementation"

- Professor Alison Holmes