ATLAS is complemented by a suite of analytical instruments fitted with auto-samplers or plate readers for high throughput testing, to minimise operator time. Each instrument has been chosen to support research aligning with the ATLAS research themes. 

TA instruments TGA550 

  • Thermogravimetric analyser for compositional and gas sorption analysis from ambient to 1000 °C 
  • 25 position autosampler
  • Blending gas delivery module for automated switching between gases, and/or controlled blending of binary gas mixtures



BMG Labtech CLARIOstar Plus

  • Microplate spectrometer compatible with up to 384 well plates
  • Absorbance measurements (200 – 1000 nm) at rates up to one well per second
  • Fluorescence intensity, FRET and time resolved fluorescence (240 – 900 nm)
  • Temperature control from ambient to 45 °C



BMG Labtech NEPHELOstar Plus

  • Microplate nephelometer for turbidity, solubility and reaction kinetics measurements
  • Compatible with microplates up to 384 wells 
  • Temperature control from ambient to 45 °C



Biologic VSP3e multichannel potentiostat

  • Chassis with 8 independent channels operable by multiple users simultaneously
  • Potentiostat, galvanostat and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy mode (±10 V, ±1 A, 10 μHz to 1 MHz)
  • 20 mL and 80 mL three-electrode analytical cell kits with gas purge capabilities



Wyatt Mobius

  • Mobility, particle size and zeta potential measurements through electrophoretic mobility and dynamic light scattering measurements
  • Flow cell configuration with automated sample changes using an Agilent 1100 autosampler
  • Pressurisation system prevents bubbling during measurements under applied voltage