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Our lab believes in sharing our work with the public whenever we get the chance. We are regular participants at Imperial Festival:

Lego models 2016
Lego structural models 2016 (pili, injectisome, flagella)

In the news

Our work has appeared in the popular press as well. Read about us in:


Article by Morgan in The Biochemist, "The bacterial flagellar motor and the evolution of molecular machines": http://www.biochemist.org/bio/04002/0004/040020004.pdf


New Scientist - High-power biological wheels and motors imaged for first time

Popular Science - Bacteria Have ‘Biological Wheels’ That We Can Finally See In 3D

Mental Floss - See the First 3D Images of Bacteria's 'Biological Wheels'

Gizmodo - These are the First-Ever High-Res Images of Naturally Occuring Biological Motor

Microbiology Society’s Microbe Post - Microbe Machines: How ‘souped-up’ bacterial motors produce more torque

Popular Mechanics - Our Best Look Yet at the Biological Wheels and Gearing Bacteria Use to Get Around

Daily Mail - The 'wheels of life': Stunning images reveal the natural microscopic motors used by bacteria to move through your body