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Our lab believes in sharing our work with the public whenever we get the chance. We are regular participants at Imperial Festival:

Festival 2016
Imperial Festival 2016
Models 2016
Bacterial models 2016 (Salmonella, Campylobacter, Streptococcus)
Lego models 2016
Lego structural models 2016 (pili, injectisome, flagella)
Festival 2015
Imperial Festival 2015
Lego 2015
Lego models 2015 (flagella, injectisome, Tol-Pal, ATPase)

In the news

Our work has appeared in the popular press as well. Read about us in:


Article by Morgan in The Biochemist, "The bacterial flagellar motor and the evolution of molecular machines": http://www.biochemist.org/bio/04002/0004/040020004.pdf


New Scientist - High-power biological wheels and motors imaged for first time

Popular Science - Bacteria Have ‘Biological Wheels’ That We Can Finally See In 3D

Mental Floss - See the First 3D Images of Bacteria's 'Biological Wheels'

Gizmodo - These are the First-Ever High-Res Images of Naturally Occuring Biological Motor

Microbiology Society’s Microbe Post - Microbe Machines: How ‘souped-up’ bacterial motors produce more torque

Popular Mechanics - Our Best Look Yet at the Biological Wheels and Gearing Bacteria Use to Get Around

Daily Mail - The 'wheels of life': Stunning images reveal the natural microscopic motors used by bacteria to move through your body