The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology has spun out a number of commercial entities to exploit the IP in developed technologies. For more information, visit the company websites below.

DNAnudge Ltd (


My DNA, my choice.

DNAnudge is a direct-to-consumer genetic service company with proprietary technology. DNAnudge aims to nudge people for a better lifestyle based on their DNA.

DNA Electronics Ltd ( )

DNA The ability to accurately detect a gene sequence in real-time using a standalone, fully portable, low power unit provides end-users with technology as yet unavailable outside a laboratory.

In some applications, a real-time answer at the point-of-care would save time, money and lives. DNA Electronics' silicon-based Genalysis™ platform delivers exactly this.

Sensium Healthcare Ltd (

SensiumHealthcareWireless infrastructure for intelligent, non-intrusive continuous monitoring in the human space

The Toumaz Sensium™ provides the enabling technology to connect the mobile individual to healthcare providers. Incorporated within the Sensium platform is the capability to intelligently process data locally and provide real time feedback to the individual and improve their lifestyle choices.