One of the strengths of the Centre, and a significant attraction for researchers, is the ‘state-of-the-art’ facility. This was made possible through the initial endowment to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering that recognised the importance of the infrastructure, laboratories and equipment needed to make it a Centre of excellence not only in research but in the technology transfer essential to fulfilling the Centre’s aims.

Research Facilities

The Centre hosts several core research facilities which are equipped to very high specifications:

  • CAD Laboratory: develop application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) which are fabricated at CMOS foundries.
  • Microelectronics Laboratory: low noise, low level time and frequency domain analysis.
  • Genetic Technology Laboratory
  • Bio-Inspired Metabolic Technology Laboratory
  • Cleanroom Suite: CE Marking/FDA approvals, to class 100/1000 to develop biosensor devices, microfluidic fabrication and packaging/post-processing of CMOS chips.
  • Electromagnetics Laboratory: antenna/device characterisation to 34GHz.
  • RF and Acoustic Anechoic Chambers: State-of-the-art soundproof and electromagnetic radiation-proof chambers for ultra-low noise sensing.

Facility Booking

To arrange a facility booking please contact the relevant facility manager(s) - contacts available via the individual facility/lab webpages.