The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology hosts a Cleanroom Suite for CMOS post-processing, packaging and microfluidics.

Location: Bessemer Building, B516-520

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Cleanroom suite

The Centre has a suite of two ISO class 6 cleanrooms (equivalent to US standards class 1000). These have been designed to support CE Marking/FDA approvals, to class 100/1000 to develop biosensor devices, electrode and microfluidic fabrication, packaging/post-processing of CMOS chips and support research in any other areas requiring particle-free environment.

The largest room, the ‘yellow’ room, houses most of the fabrication tools/processes and all relevant inspection and measurement facilities. This includes photolithography tools - mask aligner with Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) attachment, direct laser writing system, 3D laser nanolithography, two PVD systems for thin film deposition of metals, oxides and organics, surface characterisation tools, oxygen plasma chamber as well as wet and dry benches. Smaller ‘white’ room houses various equipment allowing for wet silicon oxidation, wire bonding, Parylene deposition and electrochemical processes.

Cleanroom suite


  • Suss Microtec MA6 mask aligner with NIL attachment
  • Kloe Dilase 250 direct laser writing system
  • Nanoscribe 3D laser nanolithography
  • CEE Apogee spin coater
  • BOC Edwards Auto 500 sputtering/ e-beam evaporation system
  • Korvus Hex sputtering/ thermal and e-beam evaporation/ organics deposition system
  • Veeco Dektak 6M stylus profiler
  • Diener oxygen plasma chamber
  • 5-100x optical microscope
  • Ovens, hotplates, rocking platforms
  • SCS Labcoater - Parylene CVD deposition system
  • Wet oxidation furnace
  • Versastat 3-400 electrochemical workstation
  • K&S 4123 wire bonder