We are always seeking talented and highly motivated researchers to join the Centre from a wide range of disciplines in engineering and science. For example, our current researchers span across the following disciplines: electronic engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, neuroscience, and medicine. Typically, there are opportunities available at several levels, from graduate and exchange students to postdoctoral and senior researchers.

Research Staff

 This includes research assistants (graduate), research associates (postdoctoral), research fellows (senior postdoctoral). Any currently available opportunities are advertised via the Imperial College employment pages: www.imperial.ac.uk/employment (search for: “Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology”). To enquire about currently-available research positions, please contact the appropriate academic staff member.

Research Students (PhD)

We are always receptive to talented and motivated individuals with an engineering/scientific background and a strong interest in medical devices. To be accepted for a PhD, we normally require a 1st class MEng degree (or BEng + MSc with distinction). Funding opportunities are available for UK, EU and overseas students. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD, you should at first instance contact the academic staff member working in your area of interest.

Those wishing to apply for a postgraduate research position will need to complete an online application form. For positions at the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, please make your application via the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering stating on your application the desired research area and supervisor.

Undergraduate Students

We regularly supervise biomedical electronics/medical devices/healthcare technology-related research projects for undergraduate (BEng/MEng) final year students, postgraduate (MSc) thesis students and host exchange/erasmus students from other institutions. Any students interested in doing a project in the Centre should contact the relevant staff member. For undergraduate students looking for summer placements, we normally advertise these via the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) - details at: www.imperial.ac.uk/urop

Visiting Researchers

We welcome faculty from other academic/research institutions and industry seeking mutually beneficial research collaboration. We can host sabbaticals, visiting researchers and industry secondments.