The BICI Lab does extensive work with deep learning in our research. For more details, see the techniques we use.

Deep learning network

The purpose of the Deep Learning Network is to unite researchers across Imperial College London working on deep learning by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and experience, and expanding this to the wider deep learning community. There is no formal membership and all are welcome to attend meetings. You may subscribe to the mailing list (for events and general-interest postings) or Slack (for reading groups and general chat).

The group was founded by Kai in 2014 and is run with the help of volunteers both inside and outside of the university; it is not officially endorsed by Imperial College London. For more information about current events or to be added to Slack please contact Pierre.

Reading group

The reading group happens regularly on Tuesdays at 18:00 in the Data Science Institute, South Kensington campus; we utilise room 1004 or 1009f depending on availability.