Our InsightTM FD Mini C-Arm Fluoroscan is a portable machine that can produce digital x-ray images. It allows us to image skeletal tissue in situ before or after experimental testing. We have used the C-arm to observe positioning of sensors prior to testing and skeletal damage in between tests and after testing. 

C-Arm FluoroscopeTechnical Specifications

X-Ray source: grounded tungsten anode X-ray tube, 7.5 W
Focal spot size: 0.045 mm
Tube range: 40 – 75 kVp
Current range: 0.020 – 0.100 mA
Maximum output: 0.1 mA @ 75 kVp


Laser alignment light
Image receptor
- CsI high sensitivity CMOS flat plate detector
- Full 180o (+/- 90o) detector rotation
- 75 micron pixel array
- Resolution: 2 k × 1.5 k
- Field of view: 14.5 cm × 11.4 cm (full field), 11.2 cm × 11.2 cm (limited field)


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