We use these cameras primarily as optical sensors to calculate speed of motion or displacement of loading or loaded structures. These cameras offer the significant advantage of being remote to the experiment and thus not interfere with loading structures or target specimens. We also use these cameras to obtain overview high speed footage of the experiments we conduct; this offers a wealth of qualitative information that help us improve our techniques, captures potential adverse events, and, of course, obtain nice footage for presentations! Almost all of our journal publications have made use of at least one high speed video camera.

Phantom VEO710Technical Specifications

Memory: 36 GB
Capture rate: 7Gpx/sec – 7,500 fps @ 1280 × 800 (max. resolution) and 700,000 fps @ 64 × 8 (CAR increments)
Minimum exposure: 1 µs
Sensor type: CMOS
Sensor size: 25.6 × 16; 30.2 mm diagonal
Pixel size: 20 µm


- SIGMA 18 – 35 mm F1.8G DC HSM wide angle zoom
- NIKON 24 – 85 mm F2.8-4D IF AF wide angle telephoto zoom
- TONIKA 100 mm F2.8 ATX macro
- NIKON 50 mm F1.8 AF