Royal British Legion logoAdvances in combat casualty care in recent years have resulted in coalition forces achieving the highest recorded survival rates from battlefield injury. As a consequence of this increased survivability, there are increasing numbers of causalities with more severe injuries than ever seen before, often leading to long-term disability. Thus, there exists a requirement for a greater understanding of the basic science and the fundamental mechanisms of these injuries with a view to preventing them in the future or in the treatment of them currently. 

The Centre is one of the principal academic institutes engaged in military medical research in the UK… [it] has a critical role to play in the continued knowledge development [of blast injuries] and will continue to play a major role in delivering valuable research to meet Defence medical requirement. "

Brigadier Tim Hodgetts CBE

Medical Director, Defence Medical Services


All research within the Centre is clinically driven, providing underpinning science and technology, and is prioritised based on: 

● The unique pathologies seen, their disabling nature including pain and prevalence.

● Benefit to the armed forces and veterans

● Research expertise and interest from leading academics at Imperial College London.