Providing an as yet unmatched capability that combines the disciplines of Bioengineering, Shock Physics and Biology, CBIS has a range of facilities to enable world-leading research into the area of blast injury. In support of its specialisation in the interface between the body and the insult, CBIS has developed bespoke equipment to enable the recreation of an explosive event in a controlled, laboratory-based environment. Tests with instrumented cadaveric limbs or anthropomorphic devices allow the assessment of mitigation technologies while material characterisation can be undertaken via a range of quasi static and dynamic apparatus. Validated computational modelling permits multiple virtual experiments to be conducted in a cost-efficient, repeatable, well-controlled manner. This allows the alteration of parameters related to geometry, materials and environment as well as produces an understanding of material behaviour at locations that cannot be physically measured. CBIS has both the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to deliver experimentation with novel designs and material combinations.

  • AnUBIS (Anti-vehicle Underbelly Blast Injury Simulator)
  • Cadaveric Testing
  • Drop Weight Impact Tower
  • Gas Gun
  • Shock Tube
  • Instron Mechanical Tester
  • Data Acquisition
  • Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar
  • High Speed Imaging

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AnUBIS (Anti-vehicle Underbelly Blast Injury Simulator)

Drop weight impact tower
Drop Weight Impact Tower

Shock tube
Shock Tube

Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar
Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar

CBIS members working in the labs
CBIS members working in our Laboratory