Caption: TERMIS-EU 2014

SET for Britain

Caption: SET for Britain


Caption: ESCAPE 2014

CPSE Party 2015

Caption: CPSE Party 2015

AlChE 2014

Caption: AlChE 2014

AlChE 2014

Caption: AlChE 2014

Mauricio's Birthday

Caption: Mauricio's Birthday

Monika's Farewell

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Cristobal's Farewell

Caption: Cristobal's Farewell

ESACT 2013

Caption: ESACT 2013

Members of the BSEL have a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. Currently, they include chemical engineers, biomedical engineers, biomedical scientists, and clinicians. Some of our PhD and Post-Doc fellows work in the offices inside the Biological Systems Engineering Lab (BSEL); others share facilities in the Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE), the computational fluid dynamics unit in the Chemical Engineering department, in materials and membrane science laboratories as well as the Department of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM) in Chelsea.

Active BSEL Member Home Locations: