Current Funding

  • NovaThera Ltd []
  • Rosetrees Trust.
  • Northwick Park Hospital Leukaemia Research Trust Fund supported by the Richard Thomas Charity [] .
  • BBSRC, "Study of fluid dynamic and shear environment in the NASA & RPM bioreactors", Studentship, (with Y. Xu).
  • BBSRC/EPSRC, “Intelligent Stem cell Culture Systems” (with Drs. Drakakis, Panoskaltsis, Bismarck, Shaffer, Stepanek, and Profs. Toumazou, Cass, Polak).
  • BBSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Scholarship, “Controlling the in vitro through the in silico: a Biological Systems Engineering approach for monoclonal antibody production” (with Prof. Pistikopoulos).
  • Northwick Park Haematology Charity, “Development of an Ex Vivo Model for Human AML” (with Dr. N. Panoskaltsis).
  • Advance Nanotech, “Environmentally friendly truly green hierarchical composites” (with Dr. A. Bismarck and Dr. M. Shaffer).
  • DTI, “Developing Practical Applications of Stem Cell Technology” (with Prof. J. Polak and Dr. A. Bishop).
  • EPSRC, “Rational Design of Surfaces through the Quantification of Adhesion: Controlling Cellular Behaviour for Tissue Engineering Applications” (with Prof. P. Luckham, Dr. A. Bismarck, and Dr. I-M. Chung).
  • Lady Tata memorial Trust, “Development of an Ex Vivo Model for Human AML” (with Dr. N. Panoskaltsis).

Past Funding

  • EPSRC Equipment initiative Grant on "Tissue Engineering".
  • The Royal Society, “Microgravity and Bone Development”.
  • BBSRC, “Microbial Strain Dynamics and Bioreactor Stability in an Intensive Absorber-Bioscrubber Process” (with Prof. A. Livingston and Dr. D. Leak).
  • Royal Society Travel Grant.