Current research projects


Understanding nucleation and growth of FeCO3 

Team: Eftychios Hadjittofis, sponsored by BP-ICAM


Towards infrastructure material for the use and deployment of Ionic Liquids at a large scale 

Team: Francisco Malaret and Lottie Borrill, in collaboration with Jason Hallett sponsored initially by IMSE and now by Royal Society 

This research is about the industrial application of ionic liquids (ILs) for complex separationsincluding: lignocellulosic-biomass fractionation and liquid-liquid extraction processes. 

In order to successfully implement IL-based processes at large scale, suitable constructions materials are needed. In collaboration with Dr. Kyra CampbellMr. Malaret has worked to assess the compatibility of metallic materials with ionic liquids. They are investigating the corrosion behaviour of metals in ILs as well as the products formed (nano/micro materials).


Understanding and mitigating corrosion for post-combustion capture

Team: Samara Sadeek, sponsored by Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

This research is primarily focused on corrosion and passivation behaviour of iron substrates in aqueous amine solvents for post-combustion CO2 capture. The project includes the study of ferrous carbonate film formation and stability on carbon steel.


Understanding pitting corrosion due to halides

Team:  Minos Skountzos 

This PhD project, funded by BP-ICAM, aims to improve the understanding of stainless steels and Ni-based alloys behaviour in corrosive environments and specifically bromide containing solutions.