Spectroscopy of Rb at the single-photon level

The narrow diagonal lines are sub-Doppler features. (2021)

Falling in love with a Rb MOT

Falling in love...

...with a Rubidium MOT. (2021)

Collisions between CaF molecules and Rb atoms

Inelastic collisions between CaF molecules and Rb atoms in a magnetic trap

Rotationally excited molecules are ejected; ground state molecules are not. (2021)

May 2021

Pizza time for CCM

The only blob of rain in England settles over Kensington. A condensate. But no amount of rain was going to spoil our first party for fifteen months. (2021)

June 2021

Prototype molecule chip viewed through vacuum viewport

The crest may or may not be entirely aesthetic. (2021)


Anthracene nanocrystals coated in a protective polymer shell

Imaged using a scanning electron microscope. The anthracene is doped with dibenzoterrylene, a promising source of single photons. (2021)

UItracold YbF

A laser-cooled beam of YbF molecules

Suitable for measuring the electron's electric dipole moment. Left: 1D cooling. Right: 2D cooling (2021)

Dual CaF Rb MOT

Dual species atom-molecule MOT

An apparatus for studying collisions between ultracold Rb and CaF. (2021)

The Tweezer Chamber

CaF molecules are transported from the MOT chamber to the Tweezer chamber via rail-mounted magnetic coils. (2022)