Join us as a Research Associate in 4D-STEM and Advanced Characterisation of Hybrid Interfaces and Molecular Thin Films

Group: Professor Sandrine Heutz and Dr Shelly Conroy
Location: South Kensington Campus
Deadline: 22 May 2024

The EPSRC Programme Grant Combining Advanced Materials for Interface Engineering (CAMIE) is a collaboration between the University of Leeds (UoL), Imperial College London (ICL) and Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). CAMIE aims to develop new ways to store, manipulate and transport information, based on our unique approach to materials integration and interface control. 

Your role will be to characterise the interfaces of functional materials, using amongst others the recently set up Imperial Centre for Cryo-Microscopy of Materials.  This will be primarily focused on hybrid interfaces including thin films based on small molecules such as phthalocyanines and perylene derivatives, and will be extended to other systems across the programme. 

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