The I-Explore module selection period is 1 - 29 May 2024.

During the module selection period, you will be asked to choose six modules and rank them in order of preference, using the I-Explore module selection platform.*

* You need to log-in to the system using your university Username only (without the and your university password. If this doesn’t work, please email a screenshot of the error message and your CID to the I-Explore team who will investigate further.

I-Explore module allocations will be confirmed by email in August. 

Before selecting your choices

We recommend looking through all the modules offered to your year group. The module descriptions give information about the content, teaching and learning approaches, and assessments associated with each module.

I-Explore modules are allocated via an algorithm which aims to maximise overall group happiness. It aims to provide all students with one of their highly ranked modules. However, each module has a limited capacity and it is therefore possible that you will be assigned your fourth, fifth or sixth choice. You should consider each of your choices carefully.

We’ve worked hard to minimise the restrictions on which modules you can pick, however, some restrictions do apply. Please check which restrictions apply to the modules you are interested in and your specific degree programme.  

Please note: The modules listed are those currently offered. All the information is indicative and is subject to change. Imperial reserves the right to cap numbers and change or discontinue modules.