The I-Explore module selection period is 10 May – 7 June 2023.

During the module selection period, you should choose six modules and rank them in order of preference, using the I-Explore module selection platform.*

* You need to log-in to the system using your College Username only (without the and your College password. If this doesn’t work, please email a screen shot of the error message and your CID to the I-Explore team who will investigate further.

Take a look through the modules available to you. On these webpages, you’ll find information about the content, teaching and learning approaches, and assessments associated with each of our modules.

Please note that this information is indicative and may be subject to change.

Keep the following in mind when choosing your 6 preferences:

  • I-Explore modules are allocated via an algorithm which aims to maximise overall group happiness i.e., it aims to provide all students with one of their highly ranked modules. However, each module has a limited capacity and it is therefore possible that you will be assigned your fourth, fifth or sixth choice. You should consider each of your choices carefully.
  • The maximum number of BPES modules that you can pick is 4. 
  • Languages modules can only be selected as a first or second choice preference. Please note that Languages modules in I-Explore start at Level 2. Level 2 modules require a GCSE or Level 1 Horizons course (or equivalent)
  • Do not choose a BPES module if you are planning to switch to a 'with management' degree. Due to the overlap with core content, you will not be eligible to enrol onto a 'with management' degree if you take a BPES module.
  • If you are on a degree programme with a year abroad and need to increase your proficiency in a foreign language, please answer 'yes' to the year abroad question in the enrolment system. You will find that your I-Explore module choice is then restricted to one of the relevant language modules. You will also then be added to the relevant year abroad specific class. 
  • We’ve worked hard to minimise the number of restrictions regarding the modules which you can pick. However, some restrictions may apply due to the structure or timetable of your course. For further details, please see the restrictions by Department.

I-Explore module allocations will be confirmed by email in August.