Our communion is held in Holy Trinity Church, Prince Consort Rd, next to Beit Quad, SW7 2BA.  Wednesdays 13.05-13.40. 

We offer a simple and reflective service of communion (the practice of sharing bread and wine) in the middle of the working week. 

This is opportunity for you to pause and stand back from the activities of work, to hear and reflect on our lives by listening to the daily readings from the Bible. This is also the time where we remember and pray for our communities and for those we know.  

Join students and staff from Imperial, RCA and RCM, as well as those working in other local organisations and the people of Holy Trinity,  

This communion is open to all and uses an order of service from the Church of England. 

The service is led by Andrew Willson, College Chaplain and other local clergy. You can contact Andrew Willson for more information or to book a one-to-one conversation.