facilities policies

‌Imperial College London provides its students, staff, and registered visitors with a number of rooms for prayers and faith-related activities.  The College is committed to facilitating access to these rooms for those wishing to make use of them. Use of all College Prayer Rooms and Faith-Related Facilities is subject to the terms and conditions set out in this policy. Please see Prayer Rooms and Faith-related Facilities Policy for a printable copy.

Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Principles

1.1   Rooms are made available by the College for use as prayer and faith-related facilities for the benefit of all College staff, students and registered visitors (‘Authorised Users’):

1.1.1          14B Prince’s Gardens (basement) - Islamic Prayer Room, managed by Imperial College Union on behalf of the College

1.1.2          15 Princes Gardens, Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre: consisting of rooms on the ground floor managed by the College Chaplaincy

1.1.3          Room 15B is used during the hours of 11.00 to 18.00 for prayers by female Muslims (this may be extended at certain times)

1.1.4          Imperial College Union, Beit Quadrangle - Friday Prayer provision, managed by Imperial College Union

1.2   The Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre offers hospitality to people of all faiths and world views: therefore Authorised Users are required to make use of these facilities in a spirit of sharing and mutual respect.

2. Hours

2.1   Rooms in the Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre are available Monday to Friday, to all authorised users from 09.00 to 20.00; and

2.2   Use outside of these hours and on Saturday and Sunday can be arranged for individuals and groups: please (see 4.1).

2.3   There are no time restrictions in place on the use of the Islamic Prayer Room.

3. Access

3.1   Authorised Users have access to the Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre, No. 15 Prince’s Gardens, from 09.00 to 16.00 daily.

3.2   Extended access from 07.00 to 23.00 may be granted by registering with the Chaplaincy (see 4.1).

3.3   Unbooked rooms may be used freely by Authorised Users with the expectation that they will need to share with other Authorised Users in accordance with the Chaplaincy’s Principles and Ethos (see 1.2).

4. Booking

4.1   Authorised Users wishing to make room bookings individually or on behalf of a group must first contact the Chaplaincy to register.

4.2   Each Imperial College Union Club/Society is entitled to register two members to make bookings.  This would normally be two of the President, Treasurer and Secretary.

4.3   Booking requests should be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the desired start time, and not later than 16.00 the day before the room is requested, or not later than 16.00 on Friday where the room is required for the following Monday.  (Events involving external speakers must be submitted two weeks in advance (see 6, below).

5. Use of Rooms

5.1   Authorised Users may change the layout of a room as required for their event but must return it to its original layout, tidy, and clean it before leaving.

5.2   Use of rooms must be lawful, for example, this must comply with the College’s Prevent duty under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015.  Any issues or concerns around possible inappropriate use of the Multi-Faith Centre (1.1.2) should be reported promptly to the Chaplain; issues or concerns relating to the other facilities listed under 1.1 should be reported to both the Managing Director of Imperial College Union.

6. External Speakers

6.1   The Chaplaincy must be notified via email two weeks in advance of the event of the name of the speaker and the subject of their talk.

6.2   Imperial College Union affiliated student groups should declare their external speakers as per the Freedom of Speech and Events Approval Policy. Students should use the ICU Visiting Speaker and Visitor Approval form

6.3   Other Authorised Users should request a form from the Chaplaincy with their email (6.1).