Graduates selected for this optional programme will benefit from a 2-month work-focused module including leadership training followed by 10 month in-work SP placements.

Following their PhD, graduates can apply for the ELEVATE Postdoctoral Fellowship, which will build on the skills and experience developed in their PhD. 

Fellows will benefit from a 2-month skills module in a cohort environment including Design Thinking, Impact, Business Communication, and Leadership. This will be followed by in-work placements over 10 months with our strategic partners.

During each ELEVATE cycle, placements with our strategic partners (2-10 months) will be offered. This will give the postgraduates experience across all sectors linked to the CDT.

For questions about our ELEVATE Fellowship Programme, please contact us.

Date last reviewed: 12 March 2024

Date last updated: 12 March 2024