The ICB CDT runs a bespoke, four day summer school as part of the transferrable skills training, introducing students to concepts in human centred design and delivered by entrepreneurs, company founders, and industry experts. The course includes presentations, workshops and Q&As, team building activities and plenty of opportunity for networking and discussions.

The ICB CDT Human Cented Design course is designed to take students through how people can affect an idea, research or product. This is an expansive topic and we work in partnership with We Are Human to discuss several major themes including healthcare, digitisation and personal care. Additionally, mentors across Imperial and CodeBase, the UK’s largest technology Incubator support students ideas and discussions. 

We Are Human are experts in Human Factors, User Research and UX, and are passionate about designing solutions for humans.

They work to create products that are desirable, intuitive and safe, across Healthcare, Medical, Digital Health, FemTech, and Personal Care industries.

This course is also an important team building opportunity and students benefit from a well-rounded and balanced 4 days of learning.

I enjoyed going through most of the actual development cycle for the what the [human centred design] consultancy would actually do.
I enjoyed the variety that was offered through the course, with the mix of lectures, guest speakrs and workshops through the day making it fun and dynamic