The SciComm Series is a bespoke training series across 6 months. ICB CDT students attend a training session each month across term 2 and 3 on a different aspect of science communication. The ICB CDT invites both internal and external speakers and researchers, giving students a breadth of understanding of the opportunities available to them both within and external to Imperial.

The ICB CDT believes science communication is vital to future generations of multi-disciplinary scientists. This is a broad topic and we have developed this series to support students with their studies and extra-curricular activities. It complements our extremely popular Science and Communication with the BBC course, which provides students with practical experience in radio, podcasting, TV and developing museum exhibits.

Our workshops and training include opportunities:

  • Scientific writing
  • Science Communication
  • Scientific illustration
  • Storytelling for scientists
  • Societal Engagement
  • Podcasting
  • 'three minute thesis' training

The ICB CDT is delighted to have hosted many fantastic and varied science communicators as part of the SciComm series, including: live podcast recordings from Why Aren't You a Doctor Yet?; Creative Scientific Storytelling from author Dr Anna Ploszajski; User-Centred Design workshops from engineer George Cave; Scientific Illustration from Sumana Shrestha, lead illustrator of Knowing Neurons; 'Short talk, lasting impression' with Dr Jamie Gallagher; Science Communication and Wikipedia with Dr Jess Wade; and many more.