ICP-MS is an Inorganic Elemental Analysis Technique

ICP-MS can measure almost any sample type, including most solids and some gases, and almost all natural elements plus many non-natural, radiogenic isotopes.


Key Applications:

  • Environmental/ Geochemistry – trace level contaminants e.g. rare earth metals and radionuclides in water and soil
  • Life Science and Biopharma – measuring Sulphur and Phosphorus at low concentrations in unknown proteins and peptides, single cell analysis
  • Food Safety – Arsenic, Selenium and other toxic or nutritional elements in foods measured at low levels
  • Nanoparticle / Single Particle analysis
  • Semiconductor and Materials – dissolved metal contamination of process chemicals, impurity testing in alloys

To learn more about ICP-MS/MS

Single Quadrupole ICP-MS vs Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS (agilent.com)


For workflow related questions, please contact Rai Wahlen (Agilent) or Dominik Weiss (ICL)