Analysis available

The CPC as dedicated NMR and LC-MS instrumentation and offers a broad range of services from untargeted profiling assays  (for broad-coverage discovery applications) to targeted assays (for specific metabolite classes or pathways).

 As a brief introduction, the analysis available and the coverage they offer are summarised below. Please note that this information is provided for guidance only and we would encourage researchers to contact us to discuss their requirements and needs in more detail.

Additionally, due to the close working relationship, the CPC is also able to access other instrumentation available in the Division of Computational and Systems Medicine (CSM). To request access to the shared CPC and CSM instrumentation and services, please contact us and we can put you in touch with the right teams.


Profiling methods
AssayCoverageRelated publications
NMR global profiling Broad metabolite spectral profile. The assay covers three experiments differing in length to target different analyte classes Proton NMR for large-scale metabolic phenotyping
RP-UPLC-ESI(+/-) MS Coverage from moderately polar to moderately apolar analytes UPLC-TOF MS for precision large scale urinary metabolic phenotyping
HILIC-UPLC-ESI(+/-) MS Targets small polar analytes, being most similar to NMR but providing additional sensitivity UPLC-TOF MS for precision large scale urinary metabolic phenotyping 
Lipid profiling UPLC-ESI(+/-) MS In-depth coverage of lipid species Blood preparation for untargeted lipid profiling
Bile acids profiling UPLC-ESI(-) MS In-depth coverage of bile acid species with > 100 analytes monitored Bile acid profiling and quantification
Summary of the table's contents
Targeted methods

The range of targeted assays that the CPC offers are gradually expanding and different analysis are currently being developed and validated within the division of Computational and Systems Medicine. The following targeted methods are already available in the CPC:

We can develop specific analytical targeted methods if necessary to understand the patient journey better. Please enquire for further details if you have a specific assay under consideration and would like further advice regarding availability and timeline for the development of such assay.

The CPC is also set up to run Biocrates AbsoluteIDQ Metabolomics Kits, which identify and quantify a large number of key metabolites from different compound classes, including acylcarnitines, amino acids, hexoses, phospho- and sphingolipids and biogenic amines.

Aditional analysis

List of additional assays

Direct MSImaging
  • Positive/Negative Chip-based nanospray: untargeted (full scan) and targeted (MRM on QQQ)
  • REIMS of tissues with histopathology
  • Direct ESI-REIMS of biofluids incl. faeces
  • REIMS of bacteria/fungi
  • REIMS/DESI of cell cultures
  • Paperspray of biofluids: enzyme assays
Imaging MS
  • Untargeted DESI imaging
  • Targeted DESI imaging
  • Imaging of bacterial presence
  • Fatty acids
  • Untargeted GC-MS
Other MS and sequencing assays
  • Histological validation
  • Ion mobility
  • 16S rDNA sequencing by Sanger method
  • Full bacterial genome/metagenome sequencing by next-generation sequencing